Unique Baby Gifts – 3 Original Ideas For the Baby Shower

If the baby shower is coming soon and you don’t have a gift yet, you may be feeling the pressure to find a unique baby gift that no one else has thought of. The problem, of course, is that babies have simple needs. How to find something original and creative but still choose a gift that will meet the baby’s needs?This article explores that gift-giving tension and presents 3 unique baby gifts that will be sure to fit the bill.The first important thing is to reframe the way you think about baby gifts. Even though you are looking for something for a baby, actually the gift is to help parents with their parenting! So, before you even step foot in a store or window shop online, shift your focus from the baby’s needs to the parents’ desires.This simple way of thinking will open up hundreds of new possibilities for baby gifts. If you are baby focused, the choices can seem pretty limited: baby blankets, burpies, and cute baby outfits. But if you are parenting focused, you can choose a gift that indirectly helps them.Baby Gifts to Ease Parent’s Work

For example, there are a hundred ways to help parents with their new roles and let them relax. The idea here is to take over some of the household duties for a set amount of time so the couple can focus on the baby.One great idea is to organize a chef service that assembles cook-and-serve meals for the first month after the baby is born. Trust me, one thing new parents don’t want to think about is cooking and shopping for their own meals during this hectic and stressful transition into being parents.Yardwork is another good example. Pay for a month of landscape maintenance so the new poppa does not have to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway for that crucial first month.Baby Gifts that Pamper Infants and Parents

If you want to find creative ideas that are more traditional, you can still focus on baby and parents simultaneously. For example, choose some designer baby blankets and matching adult bathrobes.Many designer baby gift brands, such as Barefoot Dreams and Little Giraffe, specialize in pampering babies and parents with soft-fabrics and designer frills like satin or faux-fur. In fact, these companies provide grown-up sized clothing because their customers were complaining that they want a baby blanket for themselves.Personalized Baby Gifts

A third choice for unique baby gifts, even more on the traditional side, is to choose classic baby gifts that can be monogrammed. This is known as “personalized” baby gifts. Monograms can be the baby’s name and birth dimensions, or one of your favorite quotations or aphorisms.The monogramming option for baby blankets is virtually unlimited as long as you have your creative hat on. Could be an opportunity to highlight an inside joke between you and the couple as well as celebrate the baby’s entry into the world. These days, almost every baby product can be monogrammed, from diaper bags to burpies to baby clothing.

Parents love these gifts not only because of the touching connection, but also because monogramming makes it easy to find your baby gear at the daycare or the gym!The main take away for searching for unique baby gifts is to consider parents’ needs as well as the requisite baby gear registry. Perhaps there is something unique you can offer to the parents that will help them adapt to their new roles, help them relax, or help them by providing a truly heart-felt personalized gift.