Pictures of Baby

We’ve all seen baby photos that make us say “WOW”. We may even have been “lucky” enough to capture one or two of our own WOW pictures.With just a little knowledge, you can be taking your own WOW pictures of baby. This does not require a huge course in photography, nor does it require some big expensive camera.Cute baby photos do not have to be a matter of just luck. These little subjects are full of endless character and interest. There is no hiding what they are thinking or feeling at any given moment. Their little faces instantly display emotions ranging from happiness to sadness to discomfort to content. There is also wonder, surprise, excitement and joy, among many others.Chances are, you already have what you need: a camera, a place with enough light to take pictures, and a baby or two.What makes a Great Baby PictureAs you look at the cute babies pictures taken by professional photographers, you will start to see some common things that help to make it a great picture. There are basically three elements you will find in all great baby pictures.First, it is in focus, and most likely focused on baby’s eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said, and when we look at any picture of a person’s face, the eyes are what draw our attention first. Make sure the eyes are in focus.Second, the lighting was good. You can get creative here, taking pictures with the light behind you or to one side or from above. Just pay attention to the shadows on baby’s face and on the background to make sure they look natural. Do not use the on-camera flash, as the light from compact camera flash is usually too harsh to get that WOW look. Learn how to turn off that flash.Third, the background is usually plain and uncluttered. You set up any space you like, as long as there is enough light. Anything from blank walls and floors, to using simple props will do. You are in control here, and you can set up the background any way you like.Take another look at the professional cute baby photos, keeping in mind those three elements. See what I mean?In focus, good lighting, and simple background. What else can we learn from great baby photos? Notice how baby fills the picture up? Get close enough, or zoom in enough, when you take the picture. This helps with distracting backgrounds you cannot change, and gets attention on baby, where it should be.One more thing we need is not a technical issue. It is Patience. Baby is baby, doing baby things. Baby does not really care if we hope to get that great picture right now. If you are in a hurry to take your baby picture, you would be better off planning it for another day when you have more time.Speaking of timing, remember that you already know baby’s routine. When is baby happiest? When is baby cranky? When is baby sleeping? Think about the different times of day and baby’s mood and activity level at those times. Plan to use those times to your advantage for your own cute baby photos.So the simple 5 elements of a great baby picture are (1)In focus, (2)Good lighting, (3)Good background, (4)Get close, (5)Patience.