Montessori shelves for your child

Montessori furniture deserves particular attention of parents. Its main feature is that it is in the field of view of the child. Your baby can easily use it, because it is at an accessible distance for him. All furniture designs presented in the Montessori line are essentially tools for the development of children.

Montessori shelves hold your child’s favorite toys and books. And he can independently take any of them when he wants and put it back.

Interesting features of using a Montessori shelf

At first sight, the construction looks very ordinary. But it can be used to its maximum advantage. As your child develops, you can highlight new books. Thus, he will develop the desire for new achievements. Try to place books by genre. This will help your child develop analytical thinking. When each book has its own place, it is much easier for little ones to keep order on the shelf.

Children love to re-read the same books. They get used to them. Often, reading a new book is a way out of their comfort zone for them. Parents can try to put a new book in front of the shelf and wait for the baby to notice it and take it. If such a book actually interests the child, then he will get the impression that he should not be afraid of something new.

Benefits of Montessori shelves

The Montessori bookshelf has a number of advantages:

  • The height of the structure corresponds to the growth of the child. Your little one will not need to turn to adults for help.
  • All books are arranged in such a way that the child can see its cover. This will make it easier for him to find his favorite book.
  • As a rule, the shelves are very stable. Children will not be able to accidentally or deliberately overturn it.
  • The design does not imply the presence of doors. First of all, it prevents the child from accidentally injuring himself. It is also very convenient for him. Your little one sees all the things on his shelf and understands that it will not be difficult for him to reach them.

Montessori furniture creates their own world for children. With its help, they quickly get used to independence, responsibility, learn to make decisions. By creating such a nurturing space for children, parents will be pleasantly surprised by their abilities and achievements. And the little ones will explore the world around them in a safe environment. Montessori also offers a variety of educational toys. Caring parents should study all the options offered on the market for children’s toys and furniture.