How Long Teething Will Last in Infants

While the emergence of each tooth through the gum line will only cause most infants a few days, the whole process can take much longer. Your baby’s first teeth will begin to show even before they are a month old, and the whole teething process will end by two or three years of age. It is important to know how long does teething last and plan other events around it. Teething is a natural part of your baby’s growth. Educate yourself about these simple facts about teething to arm yourself with the tools you need to give your baby comfort and ease their pain.

1. Use Home Remedies at First

Our infants have been teething since time began. People have been soothing the pain caused by teeth ‘cutting’ through the gum line using different techniques for as far back as anyone can remember. Popular remedies include giving the child a frozen, knotted dishcloth on which to gnaw, or even massaging their infant’s tender gums. If you are giving your baby toys on which to chew, make sure you do not freeze them solid, as this can make them too hard for delicate mouths. If you decide to massage your baby’s gums, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before putting them into the baby’s mouth.

If It Is Particularly Bad, Seek Medical Attention

If the teething of your baby is accompanied by vomiting or a low grade fever (not exceeding 101 degrees), it may be caused by some sort of infection. Nausea can also be caused by a simple flue or cold, but before you treat the symptoms by using over the counter medications, seek out the advice of a medical professional. Many cases of teething and vomiting together are short lived. They have no bearing on how long teething will last.

Is it Advised to Continue Breastfeeding While Teething Lasts??

Breastfeeding itself is perfectly fine, but if your baby will enjoy doing it for how long does teething last is another story. Some receive comfort in the sucking motion and will choose to do it more often. Others will feel irritated by the gentle sucking and will opt not to do it. Every baby is different. If you find that your baby likes it, give them a finger to suck on. If they bite you, a swift removal of your finger and a sharp exclamation of ‘No!’ is usually sufficient for them not to do it again.

Is Oral Hygiene Important for How Long Teething Will Last?

Teething is the result of your baby cutting his new teeth that will pave the way for the ones to come. It is of the paramount importance that you keep all their teeth very clean from the time that they start to show. Follow a simple oral hygiene guide to prevent cavities from forming, or a plaque build up. Keeping a healthy mouth from infancy is one way to ensure that you have few issues with teeth later on.