Children’s Furniture Montessori: The First Steps to Becoming a Successful Personality

An appropriately organized space around the baby is the basis for the formation of his personality. From the shelf to the wardrobe, all Wood and Hearts products are made in the spirit of Montessori.

Open shelves, attractive appearance, convenient arrangement of lockers are part of montessori furniture — all this teaches the kid to be independent, make a choice, teach ordering, and instill a love of reading and valuable games. The peculiarity of Montessori children’s furniture is that its design allows kids to develop independently. Montessori children’s furniture patterns are simple, minimalist, functional, and neutral colors.

What is unique about Montessori furniture?

Everyone probably noticed that the usual furniture in the nursery is convenient and highly functional. There is only one drawback — it is suitable for parents, but not for a child. The things that most resemble children’s furniture are bright colors and children’s drawings. Can a child take books from the top shelf by himself? Can he hang his clothes in a wardrobe, where the height of the fittings is more than a meter? Of course not. It is precisely what Montessori furniture is aimed at — furniture for the nursery and the child.

The main principles of Montessori furniture:

  • Furniture is not taller / not much taller than the child’s height — it creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • The child can fully serve his own needs — dress, play, study, go to bed.
  • The child learns on his own: to change clothes, comb, and dress for a walk, put away toys, and find something to do while his mother is busy.

The principal task of Montessori furniture is to create a safe space for the child. As a rule, Montessori fittings are used in a nursery, where the child is given complete freedom to master new skills, play, and learn.

Benefits of a Montessori nursery

Everyone knows that the surrounding space is one of the main factors that affect the harmonious development of the little baby. It is significant that from an early age, the child feels comfortable, safe, and free in his own environment. It is these principles that are fundamental in the development methodology of Maria Montessori.

The nursery, decorated according to Montessori patterns, is a unique world filled with comfort, light, natural materials, pastel colors, contributing to the development of the creative inclinations of the children. Such an interior is distinguished primarily by its simplicity. It does not contain bulky pieces of furniture, a massive number of toys, and unnecessary decorative elements. It is a straightforward, simple setting that is ideal for nurturing a self-reliant personality.