Best Towels to Use for Your Baby

Bath time may quickly go from that adorable picture-worthy moment to a slippery, soapy mess. This is why as a parent, it is important to shop for Turkish towels for your baby.

When shopping for baby towels, you want to ensure they will be a perfect fit and size for your child. If you have no idea what to buy, the following are the best towels to get for your baby:

1.     Elephant Baby Hooded Towels

There is nothing cuter than these elephant-hooded baby towels. These towels are 20% polyester and 80% modacrylic. That makes them incredibly plush and soft to cuddle your baby.

Although they are a splurge, the size and quality of these towels mean your baby can use them for years. You may personalize these towels to make them much better.

2.     Cuddledry Handsfree Towels

These towels have won a few MadeForMums awards, all thanks to their high-quality softness of the cotton-bamboo fabric and hands-free style. The addition of the polyester material helps in drying when the towel is damp.

Cuddledry has introduced an apron style of towels. This allows you to attach them around your neck so as to pick and lift your baby without soaking wet the towel.

3.     Burt’s Bees Hooded Towels

The organic cotton in these towels makes them super safe and soft for freshly bathed babies. Most mothers love Burt’s Bees Hooded Towels because they are easy on the skin. They are also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema.

These towels are available in various patterns. These may include indigo moons, pink stripes, and little ducks. And according to the manufacturer, these towels consist of ultra-absorbent fabric. This ascertains that you may quickly dry your baby and keep them warm.

On the inside of these towels, you will get soft and smooth terry; on the outside, you will find looped and patterned terry. Plus, the affordability of these towels makes them a suitable option for parents on a budget.

4.     Vertbaudet Hooded Towel

If you want value-for-money options that can keep your baby dry and warm, then these hooded towels are perfect.

You may choose from many of the available options. These may include a bear, panda, or embroidered rabbit. All these options come with a matching mitt to keep your baby’s hands warm.

5.     Trixie Hooded Towels

Belgian baby brand Trixie hooded towels are big on sustainability. They use organic cotton and ascertain manufacturing is well-thought-out. However, the brand is as well passionate about sparking imagination, so you can expect bright colors and animal characters in their products.

One model you will definitely love is Mrs. Elephant. It has elephant ears and trunk detail on the hooded towel. Plus, there is a matching bath mitt, which is perfect for older siblings.

In a Nutshell!

Bath-time routines are vital parts of signaling the end of the fun day. And using a fluffy and warm towel to wrap your baby is the best part of parenthood. So whether it is your first or fourth baby, ensure you choose the best and most comfortable towel.