5 Tips To Support Your Child through Child Care

Child care is a new step for your child and they have to get adjusted to that environment which can be difficult. Their routines will change, they have to meet new people, and spend time away from their parents – this is a lot to take for a child so taking it slow is key […]


Denver daily & private tours

Craving for a new adventure to start and want it to be unforgettable? If you’re interested in exploring some fantastic natural spots, then choosing Colorado as your destination will be a great decision. Those are the lands of snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and a huge expanse of wonderful grasslands, that impress all the visitors and […]


Children’s Furniture Montessori: The First Steps to Becoming a Successful Personality

An appropriately organized space around the baby is the basis for the formation of his personality. From the shelf to the wardrobe, all Wood and Hearts products are made in the spirit of Montessori. Open shelves, attractive appearance, convenient arrangement of lockers are part of montessori furniture — all this teaches the kid to be […]