Shingu Fire Festival in Kumano
Babies Festival

Shingu Fireplace Competition in Kumano, UNESCO World Heritage

The Shingu Fireplace Competition’Tanomude! Tanomude! Tanomude!’ That is what you’ll hear because the solar goes down in Shingu Metropolis yearly on February sixth.Because the winter darkness falls over the town, the candy aroma of ‘amazake’ (candy white sake) fills the chilly air and the streets slowly fill with over 2000 males and boys of all […]

Introducing New Baby to the Older Child
Babies Festival

Introducing New Child to the Older Baby

Is a brand new child going to make the household a quartet? Listed below are some tips to make this transition as clean as attainable.You should definitely introduce your baby to the brand new child earlier than delivery. Share ultrasound footage. Get her to know the child by patting the child, speaking to the child […]